The research activity focuses on the development and the validation of emerging technologies, related to Virtual and Augmented Reality, to support the development of industrial products.

Ergonomic analysis in Mixed Reality: in this activity technologies of Virtual Reality have been analyzed and used. Example of these technologies are: tracking systems and systems of stereoscopic vision (HMD) connected to a software that uses virtual dummies to conduct some ergonomic analysis. In this way it has been possible to carry out tests on virtual prototypes considering both qualitative and quantitative aspects related to the ergonomics of the prototype itself. In particular, the study focused on the evaluation of the ergonomics of the interior of a car. The use of Mixed Reality, that is the ability to view virtual objects inside a real scene, has lead to a greater involvement of users during the testing sessions, since this gives the opportunity of seeing users’ bodies interacting with the virtual prototype. The testing phase has allowed us to highlight some defects in the functional and the postural design of the product that would have been hardly detectable by using the traditional techniques of visualization.

Stereoscopic vision: this research has addressed one of the key problems concerning the display of three-dimensional environments in Mixed Reality, which is the difficulty of maintaining the perspective of the virtual objects in relation to the real ones composing the scene. This difficulty derives from a number of parameters such as distance interpupillary, eyesight angle, parallax angle. These parameters depend on other factors such as the Focus, which varies according to what the user is observing. Thus, we have tried to find a way to appropriately define the values of these parameters, providing an effective tool for the comparison among the presumable values and those actually used. As result of this research activity, it has been developed a prototype of the system, which aim at solving and overcoming these issues.